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Saltzman Chetkof & Rosenberg LLP is well versed in all forms of settlement strategies as well as litigation. Very often a couple wishes to resolve their marital and family related differences by way of mediation or collaborative law. We are able then to use our experience, training and skills to assist in bringing those matters to a non-litigated conclusion.

Partners, Michael Chetkof and Lee Rosenberg have been trained in mediation and collaborative law. Both also serve as arbitrators on the Office of Court Administrations Fee Dispute Panel in family law matters and Michael Chetkof additionally serves as on the Nassau County Matrimonial Court's Special Masters panel. 

Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Law

In the mediation process, we would serve as either an impartial mediator to facilitate the hearing and resolution of individual issues or the entire matter-- bearing in mind, of course, that the court always has jurisdiction and final approval over issues relating to children. In these matters, we would work with the parties themselves or with them and their attorneys. In order to remain in an impartial position, we could not represent either party, but would help to discuss issues, and offer opinion, options, and assistance to try and bring about an agreed upon settlement and agreement as the parties chart their own course to the future without court intervention. 

In the collaborative process, we represent one of the parties in a transparent manner which offers the same discovery, informational and document exchanges,  asset valuation, and settlement options as in a traditional court matter, but with the goal being for both parties and lawyers to be fully vested in the settlement process and resolution as the only goal. Should the settlement not result and an unmovable impasse occur, both parties' attorneys would then be disqualified from representing them in a court litigation. In this way, having both parties represented by trained collaborative professionals helps to facilitate resolution  in a more client-driven manner and with all involved being fully committed to the settlement goal.

While mediation or collaborative law is not for every case, the same can and should be said for litigation. When two people are suited for one of these alternative options for settlement and their lawyers are properly trained, the possibilities for out of court resolution are enhanced.

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From our office in Garden City, we represent clients throughout Long Island's Nassau and Suffolk counties and the New York City metropolitan area. Contact the firm today at 516.873.7200 or online to schedule an initial consultation.